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The condition of your windows and doors is a vital component of keeping your property in good condition. When issues arise, quickly addressing them can help you get in front of more significant problems down the line. That’s why KH Construction Management Corp is the best choice to assist with any window, door, and framing services, including installation and repairs!

Why Choose Us?

When KH Construction Management Corp performs your door or window installation, we provide the added benefit of professional installers and carpenters.

We assess for repairs and focus on areas that may go unchecked by an untrained eye.

Areas that have sustained damage to the structure over time such as paint chipping and peeling from wood rot are some of the clear indicators that your door or windows need repair. We will protect the floors and walls around the frames, and clean up all debris left after the installation. Our window installers have years of professional experience and are happy to answer any comments or concerns.

door and window services
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Door Installation

With KH Construction Management Corp on your side, door installation is a breeze. Our team approaches each project with a keen eye for detail and ensures each door and window is installed correctly. Our construction services are top-of-the-line! We aim to provide you with the security and peace of mind that comes with expert door and window installation.

Door Repair

Doors act as both an inviting symbol to guests and a crucial part of your security system. You want to take the steps necessary to ensure that your doors are in the best condition for your peace of mind.

From wood warping to long-term wear and tear, our doors withstand plenty of damage. For those properties that require drastic door repair, the experts at KH Construction are only a phone call away!

Window Installation

If you’re settling into a new location and want to improve the quality of your windows, it is imperative to recruit the right company for the job. Windows are an investment that adds value to your building and finding a company to perform the window installation and repairs is essential. 

We ensure the installation is done correctly by paying close attention to detail. Improperly installed windows could create air and moisture leakage into your property, raising your heating bill’s cost or causing moisture issues like mold and dry rot.

Window Repair

Taking the time to make the necessary repairs to your windows requires a keen eye for detail and a steady hand. Contact KH Construction Management Corp to find out how our expertly trained team can address your window problems and fix them quickly and efficiently.
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