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As summer quickly approaches, it is necessary to evaluate the condition of the decks and balconies on your building. After installation, decks and balconies are beautiful and become the focal point of your property. However, extended exposure to the elements will cause them to degrade and as their condition worsens you will need a general contractor with the services necessary to repair and restore them.

Why Choose Us?

For extensive deck and balcony repairs, you need to have an experienced general contractor you can trust. Problems with your deck or balcony can quickly escalate and pose prominent safety concerns. To properly address these issues, you need a skilled general contractor to tackle your improvement project. KH Construction Management Corp is here to help!

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Benefits To You

Wet decks and balconies can begin to rot, and even though they are outside, the rot can quickly spread to your building’s joints and support beams, creating a major (and costly) problem. If you see soft spots or warping wood on your deck or balcony, don’t hesitate. Call one of KH Construction Management Corp’s team of experts!

Since our team consists of skilled carpenters, you have the added bonus of building a new deck or balcony from scratch. Our expertise in carpentry can assist you in planning, creating, and building a new face for your property. KH Construction will assure you that your building is in good hands!

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