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Professional Siding Services

Siding is meant to protect your property. Whether you are working with composite or concrete siding, having a sturdy material to protect and insulate your building is a must. However, siding is not invincible and may become damaged due to extreme weather conditions.

Siding that has aged over the years is also worth a look. Old siding may have underlying issues that get in the way of protecting you from the elements, meaning moisture is getting into your building. When old siding comes loose, it is usually a result of other issues such as poor insulation, water infiltration, and wood destruction — all of which will weaken your structure.

If strong winds blow off a portion of your siding, consider calling a top-notch siding repair company like KH Construction Management Corp to inspect your situation. While siding services may not be at the top of your to-do list, addressing this crucial part of your property could mean you’re saving yourself a headache from dealing with bigger issues. Investing in siding services will also raise your property’s value and cut costs on your AC and heating bill!

Other contractors may suggest you need to redo your entire building, but if your siding issues are localized to one portion of your property, there is no need for full siding installation. KH Construction Management Corp will assess the weak areas in your siding and find any issues beneath the surface. We can make any necessary repairs that go beyond our typical siding services. We are certified with siding products from James Hardi and Certainteed, among others, so you know that you will be getting the best quality job on your siding.


Composite Siding

If you are looking to enhance your building, composite siding is an excellent material. It is a long-lasting type of siding, with some varieties being able to last up to three decades. Most of the siding services you will need throughout its life cycle will be occasionally repainting them as they fade over time, but with  proper maintenance they can keep your building safe for years to come. KH Construction Management Corp can ensure that happens!

Concrete Siding

Different types of concrete siding, such as fiber cement siding, combine the best parts of other types of siding, meaning you are getting a long-lasting, low-cost, and good-looking material for your building. The only maintenance you will need to keep up with is spraying it down a couple of times a year, with more professional maintenance every few years. It is also wind-resistant and adverse to low temperatures, so whether you are enduring a storm in South Jersey or the cold Pennsylvania winters, you can stay protected.

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