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Moisture Barrier Installation

Have you ever walked into a basement and realized it just feels wet? Any structure built before the 20th century did not have any moisture-proofing in their basements and crawl spaces. This architectural flaw allows moisture coming up from the ground beneath the foundation to evaporate and create musty odors and mold.

Does this sound like your building? If so, you may need to look into adding moisture barriers. Call KH Construction Management Corp, and our team can perform moisture barrier installation on your property, utilizing high-performance moisture barrier technology!

Property managers have had to find different methods of combating this moisture from getting into their basements, and the most consistent method has proven to be the installation of moisture barriers. While knowing the exact type and where to place the moisture barriers for optimum efficiency can prove a daunting task, the expertly trained team at KH Construction can help guide you through the process!

Moisture barriers are materials (most typically plastic or foil sheets) installed underneath flooring, walls, and even ceilings for damp proofing, creating a vapor barrier. The material prevents moisture from seeping out into the building. In most buildings, you’ll find that water — or moisture from the ground — will escape into warm air, creating the perfect environment for mold.

Finding the right company with the knowledge and experience to answer all of your moisture protection questions is imperative when you begin the process of moisture-proofing your property. With KH Construction Management Corp’s moisture-proofing services on your side, we can help you ensure that your structure receives the protection from the elements that you need for peace of mind.

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Concrete Moisture Barriers

When you begin constructing your property from the ground up, consider installing a moisture barrier under your concrete to provide immediate and long-lasting benefits. Due to concrete’s naturally porous nature, moisture can pass through from the soil underneath your concrete and cause problems in your basement.

With the installation of a moisture barrier underneath your concrete, you can offer an additional line of defense to manage any potential moisture-related issues. Finding the right moisture-proofing contractors to help provide your business with that added layer of protection.

The installation of moisture barriers can sometimes slip your mind when designing and building your basement from the ground up. Taking the time to address and figure out how to properly protect your basement is vital for your property’s long-term health. Our moisture barrier services will help give you that quality piece of mind you have searched for to ensure your basement is properly protected from potential mold growth and uncomfortable moisture build-up!

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