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Exterior Finishing

Any property owner should have a strong desire to make their exterior look the best it possibly can. What this often results in, of course, is a constant internal struggle of deciding exactly how the building should look and whether a full makeover is worth the price tag. However, there are ways to address your exterior finishing without a complete remodel. Located conveniently in Willow Grove, KH Construction Management Corp’s local exterior finishing services can help!

Finding cost-effective ways to reshape your overall look and exterior finishing helps property managers change how they perceive their buildings. Additionally, with the right materials, you can also help protect your property from adverse weather conditions.

Why Choose Us?

Your exterior color reflects your personality and style while protecting your investment from external elements. Our highly experienced team uses top-quality tools and equipment to produce the best possible results so your exterior finishes will keep your property looking great for many years to come.

If you’re looking for ways to help your exterior finishing stand out a bit more, you can look into different styles to apply to your building. Adding modern stucco exterior finishes gives your property a brand-new look without resorting to more drastic remodeling methods.

facade renovation after
Exterior Finishing & Renovation before

To protect your building from external moisture, we recommend using a high-performance waterproof coating that is visually appealing and can help safeguard your investment. This coating can be applied over paint and can withstand high wind and pouring rain while still allowing a building to breathe.

We also offer waterproofing paint, which is very similar to acrylic paint with much better performance against natural elements. By using the best painting materials on the market, KH Construction Management Corp takes pride in treating every project that we undertake with the same drive and attention to detail that all of our clients have come to expect from us.

Exterior finishes & waterproof coating are resistant to mildew, mold, and fading for long-lasting results. We will help you choose a color and texture from an array of design choices, and once you have your look picked out, we will go to work using the best available equipment to help your property look great and stay protected for decades to come. KH Construction Management Corp works with you to provide the right exterior finishing solutions for your building!


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