Signs Your Seaside Condominium Needs Balcony Repair

Signs Your Seaside Condominium Needs Balcony Repair

Maintaining a safe and attractive balcony is important for safety and value purposes. Like any other part of your condominium building, your balcony will need repair and maintenance periodically to maintain its quality for residents and tenants. Below are signs to look for so that you can seek out the appropriate structural repair in Sea Isle City, NJ.

Loose Railings

A loose railing is incredibly dangerous. This can be caused by condensation and weather or just general wear and tear. As soon as you notice that railings are loose, it immediately becomes a hazard and a liability. 


One of the biggest signs that the integrity of your balcony is starting to fail is the development of rust. When metal is exposed to the seaside weather and environment, the moisture and salt in the air will break down the material. When left untreated, rust can cause holes in your balcony’s floor, ceiling, or railings. It also ages the balcony and can affect your property value. 

Mildew and Cracking

If you have wood or cement components on your balcony, it should be treated to withstand the weather conditions and steady exposure to ocean water. Over time, however, the material will start to break down and need to be replaced. Areas that are absorbing lots of moisture will begin to mildew and feel soft to the touch. This means that the material is not strong and will start to lose its strength.

It may begin cracking off in different places because of the moisture. Even if the cracks are not weight-bearing, the appearance of chipped and cracked wood makes your property look unkempt and decreases the property value. 

Does Your Balcony Need Repair?

If you manage a condominium on the coast of New Jersey, you must maintain the safety and appearance of your balconies. Our highly experienced general contractor in Ocean City, NJ operates by strict safety guidelines to protect your project. Contact us today!