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With years of experience handling exterior and interior repairs and renovations for condominiums, single-family homes, and commercial buildings, KH Construction offers leading general contractor services across Cape May County, NJ. Whether your property needs structural repair services, deck replacements, or balcony repairs, our general contractors are here to help!


To achieve project success with consistency, our general contractors focus on proven fundamentals. We prioritize organized planning, superior material quality, and trusted subcontractors to ensure each phase of the project is completed with excellence.


When you partner with our experienced general contractor in Wildwood or Cape May, NJ, you can expect:

  • Fair pricing on materials and labor
  • Detail-oriented project oversight
  • Respect for your budget and timeline
  • Access to the best local subcontractors
  • Strict code compliance and property safety standards
  • Clear communication from start to finish



We Provide Structural Repairs And Upgrades for Commercial & Multifamily Properties in Wildwood, NJ

KH Construction does structural repair for commercial and multifamily properties in the following Cape May County, NJ cities:

  • Wildwood, NJ
  • West Wildwood, NJ
  • Wildwood Crest, NJ
  • Across the extended area

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What Kind of Damage is Considered Structural Damage?

When a home or business suffers structural damage it comprises the central integrity of the building. Structural damage includes harm to the load-bearing walls, roof, foundation, and other walls. If your building has undergone serious structural damage or is suffering from leaks, you need to seek structural repair in Avalon or Cape May County, NJ.


What we consider structural damage has several faces. It can be damage created by soil problems, damage to the framing or structural assembly, or can be caused by poor engineering. Sometimes the only visible signs may be cracks in walls, leaks, or the flooring is uneven, but the only way to be sure is to have our general contractor in Cape May County, NJ inspect it.


Our general contractor in Cape May County, NJ, goes beyond inspecting the building and will set up a plan for structural repair. From creating a plan to restoring your property, our experts will handle the heavy lifting to ensure your project is completed with excellence.


Whether your commercial or multifamily building has damage to the structure or just needs some general repairs and upgrades, KH Construction is ready to take on the project.

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We Listen to Our Client’s Needs & Concerns!

When our clients have needs or concerns regarding the structural foundation of their building or looking for contracting services, we listen! Some concerns in Wildwood, NJ might be cracks in the walls of a home they just purchased. Another concern in West Wildwood, NJ might be dated features.


If you live in Cape May County, NJ contact KH Construction for all your structural repair and contracting needs. We are a construction company that is fully licensed and insured to provide structural repair services and more. Call KH Construction today at 215-366-5371!