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Licensed General Contractor in Malvern, PA

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General contractor in Malvern, PA

Specializing in General Contracting Services

KH Construction offers general contracting services across Malvern, PA, overseeing a construction project from start to finish. In addition to providing hands-on expertise to every project, our team can help you with commercial renovations and repairs. 


Whether you need structural repair in Wynnewood or a general contracting team in Malvern, we are ready to kick off your project today!



We Provide Structural Repair & Fit-Out Construction Services

KH Construction provides structural repairs and other services in Malvern, PA. We also offer exterior facade renovation, interior fit-out work, and more to help you keep your property at its best. Whether you have a multifamily property or are seeking commercial upgrades, our expertise extends across all facets of construction.


Some of the most common examples of projects we handle include:

Parking Garage Restoration:

At KH Construction, we specialize in transforming parking garages through innovative renovation and repair, ensuring they meet modern safety and functionality standards. Our dedicated team tackles every aspect, from structural integrity to aesthetic upgrades, delivering comprehensive solutions.

Strip Mall Facade Renovation:

Our approach to strip mall foundation repair and renovation focuses on reinforcing the core strength and longevity of your commercial properties. We meticulously address wear and tear, weather damage, and foundational issues, ensuring your strip mall remains a vibrant business hub.

Balcony and Deck Repair:

With KH Construction, your decks and balconies receive more than just a repair; they undergo a complete repair process that merges safety with contemporary design. We focus on structural soundness while enhancing the visual appeal, making these spaces inviting and secure.

Railing Installation:

Expert railing installation from KH Construction doesn’t just provide safety; it adds a touch of elegance to your commercial properties. We ensure that each installation not only meets safety standards but also complements the architectural style of your space.

Liquid Roof Membrane:

By applying a Sikalastic Roof Coat or Roof Pro system, you can avoid the expenses of an entire roof replacement while still reaping the benefits of an improved roofing system. KH Construction is proud to offer this cutting-edge solution! 

Our general contractors in Malvern, PA can handle all of your contracting needs, including fit-out construction! Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you with your next project!

Structural repair in Malvern, PA
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Call Our Team Today to Schedule a Consultation!

If you live in Malvern, PA, and need a general contractor for structural repair, call KH Construction. We are a construction company with a qualified team experienced in structural repair services and fit-out construction. Whether it’s for a commercial building or multifamily property, KH Construction will do the job right. Call our team today and schedule a consultation appointment!