Window & Door Installation

Whether you’re moving into a new home and want to improve the quality of your windows, it is very important to recruit the right company for the job. Windows are an investment that add value to your home. Make sure the installation is done correctly, with attention to detail and weatherization. Without this checked, poor quality or improperly installed windows could create air and moisture leakage into your home, raising the cost of your heating bill or causing moisture issues like mold and dry rot.

KH Construction Management Corp installing your windows gives you the added benefit of professional installers and general contractors under one umbrella. We asses for the obvious repairs, but we also focus on areas that may go unchecked by an untrained eye. Areas like damage sustained to the structure over time, or paint chipping and peeling from wood rot. We will protect the floors and walls around the window frames, and clean up all and any debris left after the installation. Our window installers have years of professional experience and are happy to answer any comments or concerns.


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