Structural Repair

When your house has a structural damage, it means that its foundation can no longer support your home. This situation is very dangerous because the building is at risk of a collapse.

Houses settle over time and it’s very important to understand the signs of structural damage and perform periodic inspections.

The interior signs include: cabinets that swing open, uneven and bouncy floors, cracks in basement walls, drywall cracks, bowed walls, gaps between your walls and floor, nail pops, and sticking windows and doors.

The exterior signs include: leaning house, foundation cracks, gaps around windows and doors, chimney cracks, stair-step cracks.

If your home experiences one of these signs, you should call an expert to provide inspection and evaluation.

We know that structural damage sustained to a home or business sounds detrimental. But calling KH Construction Management Corp can make it easier. KH works with you to make sure any structural repairs you may need to bring your home or business up to local health and safety standards are satisfied. You may need to repair cracks in your wall or flooring or add reinforcement or support to your foundation.

Call KH Construction Management Corp and we will evaluate the condition of your home or business, and offer the best options to make the building structurally sound.


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