High Performance Moisture Barriers

Ever walk into the basement of an old home and realize it just feels wet? Any home or structure built prior to the 20th century did not have any moisture-proofing in basements and crawl spaces. This allows moisture which comes from the ground beneath the foundation, to evaporate and create musty odors and mold. Does your home feel like this? If so, you may need to look into adding moisture barriers to your home. Call KH Construction Management Corp and we can waterproof your home using the best in the high-performance moisture barrier technology.

Moisture barriers are materials (most typically plastic or foil sheets) installed underneath flooring, in walls and even ceilings, for damp proofing, creating a vapor barrier. The material prevents moisture from seeping out into the home - in most homes, you’ll find that water - or moisture from the ground - will escape into warm air, creating the perfect environment for mold. Call in the professionals - KH Construction Management Corp - and we will clear out and install moisture barriers to keep your home dry.


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